grandparents care for orphans.

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Well, we have take a bit (that’s an understatement) of a hiatus on this website. As Women of Kireka joined forces with Project Diaspora, we used the latter as a platform for all news, videos and photos. However, as the project continues to take shape, we have decided to continue using this website to share information with the public on how our work is unfolding.

With this in mind, here are a few pictures from an on-going rural development project being run by NUWECHI in Kitgum.

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One of these projects helps grandmothers, who are looking after orphans whose parents died of HIV/AIDS, learn more about the virus. The grandmothers are taught parenting skills in nutrition, hygiene, and home based care. They are also encouraged to take the orphans for testing, as many are not aware of their status.


The Devastation of War.

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A BBC article shows just how devastating war can be. Mapping a small community, the BBC shows how in one small village of 15 compounds in Northern Uganda, each person has been deeply affected. The Women Of Kireka are in the same position: they’ve lost a husband, friends, children and relatives. They’ve lost their fundamental rights to land, freedom, health, well-being, education and more.


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Thanks everyone for you input and donations. We’ve now hit $1000! $22,000 to go!

75,000 fleeing LRA.

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The LRA clearly continue to represent an active threat. While many thought they were slowly being dismantled through inner bickering, the estimated 75,000 people who are fleeing the area attacked by the LRA last week say it’s not so.

LRA still hold 90 children.

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Not long ago, a good friend of mine wondered if Northern Ugandans should really be confident that the war in the North is over. Of course, I had no doubt. Logically, you can’t continue to live in fear after over two decades. Yet, he might have been right. It seems the LRA is still active and continue to hold 90 children in the Congo. I’m not saying that the LRA will soon be back in Uganda, but it does mean the peace process is really over and military containment of the LRA must happen soon.

Diaspora donation.

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Thanks Teddy for (another) donation! Teddy is a member of the Ugandan diaspora. Check out his excellent work here and here.

Live on Project Diaspora!

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Please check out Teddy’s article on the Women of Kireka on Project Diaspora. Teddy is a Ugandan now living in Dallas, Texas. For a little taste on what you’re in for, I’ve pulled this from the website.

We here by pledge to mobilize, engage, and motivate the African Diaspora to take an active role in Africa’s economic, social, and cultural revitalization. We believe the economic assistance and relief models provided by the World Bank, IMF and other monetary or relief organizations to Africa has spectacularly failed on it’s promises over the last 30 years.

We propose a new model. There are over 167 million Africans in the Diaspora. As of 2007, financial remittances by these Africans topped $40 billion annually. That’s capital that’s directly involved in the sustainability of lives—through the stimulation of education, finance, health, and social sectors. We believe this model is far more effective in changing the Africa’s economic landscape. The continued direct involvement of Africa’s Diaspora community is our solemn mission.