A hospital visit that was inspiring and life saving

It was in the afternoon when we picked a motorcycle from Kireka to Bugolobi Family clinic where I knew one of the doctors who could do us a favor, in case the money would not be enough, and still give treatment provided we pay the bills later.

When we reached the clinic, we were given a good reception and told to open a file so we can be allocated a reference number for future consultations and treatment. When this was done, we were directed to another room to  wait for our turn to see the doctor.

When out turn came, we went in and the doctor was very receptive; I had to go with Grace and Gloria because they do not speak English well and could not explain themselves clear enough. After narrating to the doctor Grace’s health history for the past seven years, the Doctor asked a few questions which Grace answered and that formed the basis of the diagnosis and prescription. He later told us that Grace is not suffering from cancer as people were deceiving her but from fungal infection which has taken so long in the body and now coming to its chronic stage. He assured Grace that she would be fine since there are drugs for such infections.

Gloria’s case.

It did not take the doctor a long time to realize and tell us that Gloria was suffering from allergies even before any explanation was done. He told us the yellow color of her eyes Gloria denotes allergy. Allergies in some children presents itself with changing the color of the eyes and making it very itchy which was Gloria’s exact complaint.

Mary’s case,

Mary has a long history of pressure on her back and this time she had a serious backache, which prompted me to immediately take her to the clinic as well. She knows a bit of English so while seeing the Doctor she went alone I do not know what they discussed. All in all, the prescription for treatment of the trio was done and we were referred back to the nurse to get the drugs.


The treatment was very effective and right now the two are in good health especially Mary and Gloria. Grace has improved but not fully she needs more medication thus money for the same. According to her, that drug makes her very weak that she can no longer crush stones after taking it. She was requesting money for medication for other doses so that she could become perfectly well. She is also requesting for some money for feeding while on drugs.

This is what they had to say – in their own words.

“You came from nowhere and you managed to help seven years pain, you showed Gloria unconditional love you managed to heal their wounds from deep inside not just the surface. It’s joy to know some other people care about others. They wish you were more that a hundred such big hearts ; the world would be a better place to live in.’’ Grace added that the mere knowing that she is not suffering from Cancer BUT  =a curable Fungal disease was a very big Relief and she attributes it all to  our caring hearts and hands; she never expected such a miracle in her miserable life.

The visit cost about 85$ including transportation and medication.

Grace still needs more medication and many of the other women also need to see the doctor.

– written by Beatrice –


~ by nuwechi on September 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “A hospital visit that was inspiring and life saving”

  1. It is good to see that there are people coming from else where in the world and trying to make a difference in Uganda.
    I know people in this country are tired of Human tourism so thanks Siena for making a difference. I know its one step at a time…

  2. […] This just in, Siena at Women of Kireka tells us that the fundraising drive has hit a milestone. Over $1000 has been raised in just over a week. If you haven’t yet sacrificed your cup of joe for the day in order to donate to these women, consider what just a $7 donation can provide these women. Well, to whoever reads this post, remember, any and every amount makes a difference. $7 is enough to give someone three hearty meals a day in Uganda. If you save up coffee for a month with a few friends, $150 is enough for one sewing machine; $50 is enough to get another woman to the hospital and cover Gloria’s medication.  […]

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