Funding Goals


NUWECHI’s mission is to improve the livelihood of women, children and the youth to realize their rights to survival, protection, participation and economic needs to enable them live a meaningful life


The war in northern Uganda which has lasted over twenty years now has caused untold suffering to the people of northern Uganda in general especially to women and children.

During this war many people left home and settled in the internally displaced people camps. Some of them decided to go to secure towns. Most found themselves in the Kampala slums and became jobless. The women then started looking for petty jobs to earn a living. They started doing things like retailing and hawking bananas, handcrafts, stone quarry work (manual breaking of stones with hammer into small pieces mainly done by the displaced women from northern Uganda); and, as if that was not enough, others even  joined prostitution to earn a living amidst discrimination from other tribes.

Although the work mentioned is very hard and hectic, these women have no alternative sources of getting money and must do it for survival considering that they are single mothers, illiterate and displaced.

According to the interview carried out with them, we found out that some of these women are infected with HIV/AIDS, many of them are single child mothers and widows and also many of them have various sicknesses.

So having looked at all these conditions in which these women are facing we identified fifteen of them and we asked them to decide a suitable business for them and they all unanimously agreed to take up a tailoring project but also requesting that their family members be given some support/ food while on training.

The implementing agency requires a total sum of $23,550.9 US. NUWECHI will directly contribute $2,896. The amount requested from donors totals $23,583. This will be used to purchase:

-10 manual sewing machines & accessories

-assorted materials

-cutting tables

-1 electrical machine for making designs

-1 table cloth making machine

-money for feeding

-stools for sitting

-office chairs and a table for the trainer

-iron sheets, timber, nails, labor for erecting a temporary structure

-hiring a place where the temporary structure will be for 4 months.


To see an improved livelihood of women, children and youth towards holistic and sustainable development.

Core Values

* Transparency and Accountability.
* Commitment
* Compassion.
* Empowerment of women, children and youth.

Motto -“Hope for tomorrow”

The overall objective of the project:

Empowering single mothers/HIV/AIDS infected women, prostitutes on chicken rearing as an income generating activities

Specific Objectives of the project:

1. Equip the marginalized women from camp with income generating activity

2. Settling them in their own home by use of resources available in their places

3. Encouragement of group development and teamwork through coordinated        activities.

4. Providing marketing information to them by linking them to buyers, therefore promoting collective     marketing for higher bargaining powers.


    BUDGET ITEM Quantity


    To be funded by Donor To be funded by  NUWECHI and Applicant
      Manual Sewing Machines
    2000,000 0
      Electrical computerized
      Sewing Machines/button holes /finishing
      Electrical table cloth
      Sewing Machines
    4 Iron boxes 5 20,000 100,000 0
    5 Materials (Assorted rolls of clothes) 20 100,000 2000,000 0
    6 Tools & Accessories  (Tape measure, Scissors, oil, Threads, training papers…) 500,000
    7 Cutting Tables 3 150,000 450,000
    8 Sitting stools/chairs 15 20,000 300,000 0
    9 Machine Maintenance 195,000
    10 Monitoring and evaluation 250,000
    11 Iron sheet 20 32,000 640,000
    12 Timber 25pcs 12,000 300,000
    13 Hiring space 4 100,000 400,000
    14 Labor Lumpsum 250,000 250,000
    15 A chair and table for trainer 1 350,000 350,000 350,000
    16 Manual sewing machines after training to beneficiaries 15 200,000 3,000,000
    17 Feeding/support for 4months 15 pple 10,000 18,300,000
    18 Snacks /refreshments during training 17 pple 2000 4,1480,000
    19 Trainer’s fees 4 months 1 250,000 1,000,000
    Sub total 32,540,000 4,693,000
    20 5%Miscellaneous 1,627,000 234,650
    Grand Total 34,167,000 4,927,650

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  1. […] Siena launched The Women of Kireka web site in partnership with Northern Uganda Women and Children Initiatives (NUWECHI) as an effort to get these women involved in a sustainable, income-generating business. The project has set a goal to raise US$23,000 to buy equipment for the women to start a sewing business so they can earn enough money to start a new way of life. Here’s how that money will be spent. […]

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