Who Are We?

Northern Uganda Women and Children Initiatives (NUWECHI) is an local grassroots NGO registered with the Uganda National Board of NGOs as certificate No. 5144.

NUWECHI’s goal is to empower rural women, widows, children, orphans and youth in the Karamoja region especially Kitgum, Gulu, Pader and Kampala.

NUWECHI was founded by local women in Kitgum district in 2005. The NGO was formed because of economic hardship, war, poverty, harsh climate, gender imbalances and mainly to eliminate discrimination and prejudice against women, orphans, and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Currently our beneficiaries are 1340 women and 1860 children.

Current programs
Mass human rights campaign in Kitgum district
Creating awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention, encouraging testing/positive living, counseling, encouraged infected to seek medical treatment (ARVs)
Training local counselors to work in various issues like health, hygiene, human rights etc.
Encouraging girl child education
Advocacy for women/women and children’s rights
Distribution of essential and basic food items


Beatrice Achiro Okeny
Tel: 0712221360 and 0782210591
P.O Box 40095 Nakawa, Kampala


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